The Top Drug Testing Myths

There are a number of drug test out there, but the truth of the matter is, not many people know all that much about how they work. A drug test is a pretty big deal, so knowing as much as possible beforehand should be a priority for anyone about to take one.

Since there is so much unknown about drug tests in general, quite a few myths have surrounded them. Here is a closer look at some of the myths and what is the actual truth. There is no reason to believe some of the biggest myths out there.

Drug tests are not completely accurate, so positive results shouldn’t count.

At one point in time, this myth might have actually been true. However, things have really evolved to the point that even cheap drug testing is pretty accurate in general. Does that mean that it is 100% accurate? No, but it is unlikely that will ever be the case. There is always going to be some level of error, but a positive test is still going to set off in a lot of red flags.

Best case scenario, a person can fight for another drug test to confirm or deny if the first one was accurate. However, the second drug test will take place soon after, so it will be next to impossible for a person to somehow pass a test just days after failing one if it was accurate.

Numerous products can cover up drugs.

Just as tests evolve, so have ways to mask drugs. It is 100% true that there are a lot of products out there that can improve the chances of beating a drug test. However, drug tests very commonly take two samples these days, so it is tough to beat them both. If there is any level of suspicion, drug test officials can obviously take a closer look as well.

Even if a person is able to escape getting caught using drugs, there is always a chance that the next drug test will be the one that does them in. It is certainly a very frustrating situation for anyone to be in is they are constantly trying to beat the system.

The best comparison is to look at a drug user as someone who is copying off a person in school. Being able to get away with using drugs can only work for so long before being exposed. No one wants to be the one who is constantly looking over the shoulder and fearing the next test is right around the corner. That is certainly not a way to live by any means.

Second-hand smoke can cause a positive test.

If a person is using something like marijuana around a non-user, that non-user might feel like they are running the risk of failing a drug test soon after. However, drug tests are so sophisticated these days that there will simply not be enough of the drug in a person’s system if they are just taking in second-hand smoke.

Stay away from poppy seeds, and other foods that might cause a positive test.

The myth that poppy seeds have caused hundreds if not thousands of people to lose their job is simply overblown. While it is true that drugs such as morphine and codeine can sometimes be found in poppy seeds, there are a number of ways tests can differentiate.

It probably is not the smartest thing in the world to consume a ton of poppy seeds right before a drug test, but really, who is doing that in the first place? It is something that simply does not happen very often at all.